St. Andrews State Park

With the Gulf on one side and St. Andrews Bay on the other, those that crave swimming, snorkeling or surfing will be more than satisfied. Theodore Tollofson evidently liked what he saw when he shipwrecked on what is now St. Andrews State Park during a 1929 hurricane. He homesteaded in his derelict boat for the next 25 years. Now, state park visitors can experience what kept “Teddy the Hermit” at St. Andrews sugar white sands, emerald green waters and a vast array of ever-changing winged creatures since the park is a popular migratory stopover for numerous bird and butterfly species. Besides boasting a mile and a half of pristine beaches for fishing and swimming, St. Andrews also offers the chance for visitors to stroll through pines, dunes and coastal plant communities, or set up camp in the campground or primitive group area.

Location: Panama City Beach

Vortex Spring

Vortex Spring is a commercially operated recreation, camping, and dive park located near Ponce de Leon, Florida. It is the largest diving facility in the state of Florida.

Location: Ponce de Leon

Cypress Spring

Cypress Spring, located in Northwest Florida, has a rather large spring basin. The outer depths are about 25 feet deep but a small opening can be penetrated to a depth of 75 feet. Several cypress trees are in the spring.

Location: Vernon

Camp Helen State Park

Camp Helen is a place where visitors can explore an environment rich in natural and cultural resources. The park is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and by Lake Powell, the largest coastal dune lake in Florida. This 180-acre park is for day use only. Activities include swimming, beachcombing, nature study, hiking, and both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Prehistoric middens and mounds indicate that humans inhabited the area more than 4,000 years ago. From 1945 until 1987 Camp Helen was a company resort for the employees of an Alabama textile mill, known as Avondale Mills. Some of those buildings have now been restored.

Location: 23937 Panama City Beach Parkway Panama City Beach FL 32413
Phone: 850-233-5059